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Digital Real Estate vs Covid 19

The threat of the Pandemic might have shut down public auctions and open houses for inspections, but there are still opportunities for buyers and sellers. With a surprising amount of information and facilities available at the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen, home shopping can be quite literal these days. So, if you’re planning to list your home or are in the market for new investments, here’s how to push on without leaving your lounge room.

The main task ahead of buyers and sellers is finding a way to be comfortable transacting with minimum physical contact with others.


  1. In online auctions, try fast bids at the same increment to show you have a huge amount of budget
  2. Don’t draw out slow bids; your connection might lag
  3. If buying privately, make the first offer and ask for a right of refusal
  4. Most sellers now have bought; use settlement dates to negotiate
  5. Use building or pest inspections and floorplans to determine if you really need to inspect a home.

(Source: Advantage Property Consulting director Frank Valentic)

You could also have a glimpse of the area and tap into walkability environment online. Google Earth and Streetview will allow you to explore the area, including important details such as gardens and nature strips, schools and hospitals, and all other important details which could tell you if an area suits you well.

Building Personal Connection

If you aren’t able to leave your home — or are comfortable buying without inspecting — a building or pest inspection (still allowed at the time of publishing) can be invaluable. Here is where the benefit of using a virtual home inspection platform takes place. You can ask an expert to take as much photos as possible including the not- so beautiful angles like edges and under the sink.


  1. Make sure you have really good photos and video
  2. Ask if your agent is following up with recent underbidders
  3. More eyeballs on your home is key; consider using social and traditional media, as well as online
  4. Give buyers as much information as possible to minimise the need for private inspections
  5. Be ready to adapt and take advice as things change.

(Source: Ray White Victoria chief executive Stephen Dullens)

People selling now are potentially setting themselves up for a really good opportunity. In addition to video tours, sellers are also accelerating plans for digital market. Times like these are when the next great idea is born.