The AuctionHub is the first and only Real Estate online auctions which creates an effectively giant virtual marketplace where people can gather to buy, sell, trade and check out amazing properties in the area. Auction Hub makes the process easy but enormously popular, secured with high-traffic online venues where you can begin selling properties almost immediately wherever you are in the globe.

 auction house

Start Bidding from home

The Auction Hub offers you a chance to shop for a variety of real estate properties online. After completing the registration and user profile process, it is time to start marketing your 'for-sale' properties. Bidders are now ready to put a price tag on the properties posted in The Auction Hub.

Read over the listing information and make sure it includes all information you need to know about the property. If you’re interested in a listing, but the details aren’t clear, contact the support team before you bid.

Placing a bid is simple and easy online.

  1. Browse an auction and create your account

Open The Auction Hub site or visit to explore our online-only auctions and the properties that interest you.

New users will need an Auction Hub online account to register and bid in online-only auctions and participate in live auctions.

  1. Sign in to your online account and register for the auction

Now that you have an online account, login and select ‘bidder” tab for the online-only auction of choice.

  1. Confirm your bid

After completing the auction registration, go back to homepage and select your chosen listing and place your bid.  You can leave a new maximum bid at any point during the bidding period, and then the sale will start to close one property at a time.

A countdown clock can be viewed to keep track on the time remaining to bid before the listing is closed.

  1. Paying for your purchase

Once the listing is closed in the online-only sale, you will receive an email or a text message confirming whether your bids are successful or not. For successful bids, the message will also include payment and delivery methods.


For further concerns, you may contact our customer support