The AuctionHub is the first and only Real Estate online auctions which creates an effectively giant virtual marketplace where people can gather to buy, sell, trade and check out amazing properties in the area. Auction Hub makes the process easy but enormously popular, secured with high-traffic online venues where you can begin selling properties almost immediately wherever you are in the globe.

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The AuctionHub Information Management and Privacy Statement

What we do

  1. Compliance with Australian Privacy Principles

    We are governed by the Australian Commonwealth Government Privacy Act 1988 and use the Australian Privacy Principles: privacy-principles/ as our guide in the management of all information for our business, including your information.

  2. How we use information obtained from you:


    This website collects a limited amount of information.

    We participate in both Google and Facebook Remarketing programs. This allows us to target those who have shown interest in our website by visiting it, but not contacting us. Google and/or Facebook use cookies* which may be stored on your web browser and these will be used for a limited period (typically 2 – 12 weeks) to display The AuctionHub advertising material to you and encourage you to return and make contact with us.

    We use Google Analytics. The cookies collected for this purpose provide anonymous information to Google, which is compiled and reported back to us to show visitor numbers and usage of our website. Our use of this information is limited to understanding how our website is being used in order to allow us to make changes to the website as required as a result of this analysis.

    The AuctionHub business

    In the course of providing our services to you we are often provided with sensitive commercial-in-confidence information. We are bound by the obligations in our contract with you to only use this information obtained in the course of providing our services to you. Our employees are bound by contract to us, to treat your commercial-in- confidence information with the best of their skill and care.

  3. How we protect information obtained from you:

Our culture

We endeavour to ensure that The AuctionHub has a culture of respect for the primacy of the care of your information as central to the success of your business and hence of ours.

Security of your information

As a corollary of our culture, we handle the security of your information with care and on a ‘need to know’ basis amongst our staff, using optimum physical and electronic security. Specifically, only those staff employed on your sales can have access to your information, electronically or physically. All data is stored in Australia/Sydney Data Center and all platform communication is communicated via over SSL Encryption and all information is secured by Australia Law.

that your information remains secured in Australia and subject to Australian law.

What you can do:

  1. Managing and limiting the use of your information

    Remember information disclosure is always your choice and something you need to take care of when online, so give careful thought to the websites, businesses and organisations you use online, the information you disclose to them and how they will use your information. Take time to ensure the security of information that is disclosed (for example identifying information and passwords) and to managing your settings (see more below at B).

    When you disclose information to our business you can be assured that it is in a culture where information is cared for and protected.

  2. Opting out of cookies

    You can opt out of receiving Google cookies from our remarketing program by following the prompts here:

    You can opt out of receiving Facebook cookies from our remarketing program by selecting Account Settings, then Ads and select those you wish to disable, or by following the prompts here:

  3. Accessing and reviewing your information

You can contact the Privacy Officer, The AuctionHub: at , if you have any questions or complaint about the management of your information or this Information Management and Privacy Statement. We will not charge you for correcting or updating your information and will endeavour to reply to you promptly with any questions or complaints you have in relation to your information.

As the Australian Privacy Principles are technology neutral and technology changes intermittently, consequently our handling of information can also change and so we encourage you to periodically review our Information Management and Privacy Statement.