The AuctionHub is the first and only Real Estate online auctions which creates an effectively giant virtual marketplace where people can gather to buy, sell, trade and check out amazing properties in the area. Auction Hub makes the process easy but enormously popular, secured with high-traffic online venues where you can begin selling properties almost immediately wherever you are in the globe.

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Start Listing from home

If you have properties to sell — whether they’re residential or commercial — you might want to sell through an online auction. In this massive marketplace, the Auction Hub site rules the game.

Learn about sellers’ steps, responsibilities and best practices below.

List an item

After completing the registration and user profile process, it is time to start marketing your for-sale properties. Your item listings and advertising must tell the truth and include all relevant information so they don’t mislead buyers. Photos and specific details about the listing must be shown upfront on the homepage of the website. For example, if you’re selling a house, it must contain information as to how many beds and baths does it have, land area, address and so on. Include a few photos of the property taken from different angles.

Create your ad.

Once you've decided how to list your product, you need to turn your attention toward selling it. And that means you need excellent advertising. You need to grab their attention and motivate them to buy from you. Sellers need a very good title. Instead of 2 bedrooms 2 baths seaside house, say something like, Amazing Seaside House or the like. Make it as exciting as possible, too.

Payment Options

After the bidding. Discuss the payment method you and/ or the buyer prefers.

Once you've settled on the combination that works best. It is time to have the property uploaded and ensure that your auction closes with the highest profit margin. You are now ready to receive bids!